Testimonials and Letters

Ray Justice is an unique man who has earned distinction as a person who “creates products and services to stir curiosity, creativity, intuition, intimacy and personal insights. ”He has moved from the challenges and stresses of entrepreneurship to a more peaceful place of poetry and philosophy, where he is constantly thinking about ways to inspire people to think about the unfettered possibilities of living a life with higher purpose. 
Ray has always shown a kind and caring disposition towards others. Now, rather than that being merely a distinctive personal trait, he uses it as an effective tool of engagement, to help others see how much more they can achieve for themselves and the communities they live in. I am frequently amazed by the vivid explorations of his mind, and the ideas and inspiration that flows from them. His peaceful bearing is so refreshing in a turbulent world.

William Johnson, Executive Coach
Strategic Community Intervention LLC
Former City Mayor Rochester, N.Y.


He has a way of looking at things with a fresh idea, an unheard of solution, or a new approach. Ray is a master at evoking positive change, and has been a wonderful influence in my life. He is a very gifted coach, and for him, it comes very naturally.He is a brilliant, unconventional, laid-back, very successful entrepreneur and extraordinary human being.
He is my “guru” and most trusted advisor in business and life.

Holly Geoghegan, President
Golf Marketing Services& former Marketing Director of LPGA


Ray is masterful at combining phenomenal thinking with heartfelt compassion for others that provides a platform to undergo change, renewal and introspection with relative safety. His joy and ability to seamlessly understand others while growing himself through partnerships with others has been a wonderful model for teaching others to lead while being led.

Clay Osborne, Former  VP
HR & Talent Management
Bausch Lomb


One of Ray’s many strengths is that he challenges you to rethink the conventional way of solving a problem or addressing an issue, often helping you to see a new way to view or solve your situation. His unconventional approach to some, yet normal to him, is refreshing as he gives you the courage to take a new approach and often explores new solutions that work .

Wise in his dealings, whether business, emotional, personal, relationship based, he is a wealth of support, ideas, knowledge and understanding.

Ray really listens and offers suggestions and solutions after hearing your info. His real brilliance is getting you to truly understand your opinion or position and how others may perceive it .

Ray lives the motto that each day is a school day, constantly learning new things with the excitement and curiosity of a child,and the wisdom of numerous years of experience and exploring.

Mike Masiello
Common Sense Financial, Rochester New York


Ray Justice, is a creator and gifted thought leader. He belongs to that rare class of individuals who are open minded and open hearted. His passion for helping people and living life as an intimate moment has inspired within him an insatiable curiosity for understanding human nature. Focused on connecting the art of humanity to the personal challenges faced in life, he works as a guide to bring people through the process of self awareness for a truer, richer life filled with new and satisfying possibilities.

Ray has but one mission here: to offer fun and creative guidance into the unknown, your unknown self.
Old Wisdom…New Possibility

By the way, since we are on the topic he has an incredible ability to inspire people

Chris Kolankiewicz
Lifespan of Greater Rochester
Rochester Rehabilitation


I wish I had just 10% of the energy, creativity and insight that Ray Justice oozes.  Ray has a way of instantly connecting, and helping others zero in on what is important in life.  Even in a larger group Ray has the uncanny ability to connect in a way that makes a difference.  If Ray calls, make room in your calendar.  You won’t regret it !!!!

Tom Merkel, Entrepreneur
Chairman of Vistage, Rochester NY


“Ten years later and I still go back to the bridge.” What a wonderful tool.

Mary Conlon.
Retired Vice President
The Bank of Castile


One of the most creative, energetic, compassionate people I know. Ray has had a series of experiences that melt into his poetry, the words grow from his heart. He has a rare gift to put into words the sentiments of generations of the human race…..

Rev. Lou Vasile, pastor
St. Alphonsus Auburn, NY


Ray’s insight and ability to read a person, and understand their needs, makes his teaching and
coaching invaluable to my growth and that of my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Ray is an expert in thinking out of the box. He sees beyond the obvious and can take you to a better place through thought and exploration. He is different from most people because of this. He is not afraid to test his limits
and explore all possibilities in a kind and gentle way.“He touches so many lives and make us all appreciate more of what we have in doing so.”

Suzanne Stansbury,
Schenectady, NY


Ray Justice is masterful within the change process . He’s one of the best I know at leading the way with a positive focus.  I’ve always enjoyed encountering other individuals from his company.  It is easy to see Ray’s enthusiasm and spirited approach coming alive in those of us he works with.

Blair Hornbuckle, Business Coach and Consultant
Co-founder Bush Mango Drum and Dance


Ray Justice is engaging and inspiring. He has an amazing ability to connect with all ages and cultures, on a personal level, in a business setting. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Jill L. Stolt
President WellVentions, Inc.


There’s a saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will show up.” This most definitely applies to Ray. Ray was always there with a listening ear and comforting words of wisdom through his amazing life stories that always weaved a beautiful message of hope, compassion and a belief that each of us has amazing gifts that are our tools to grow – he was always pointing mine out when I couldn’t see them.  I listened to everything Ray said and began to see positive changes that I could build on. What I cherish most of all is that Ray never tried to change me. He embraced where I was, helped me see that this was all temporary and I was going to be okay.

Today (four years later), I’m very happy in my own home of two years, caregiver to my father, a grandmother to twins and steady income. In my opinion, this is the character of a true human being and a selfless teacher. I’m forever blessed by God’s grace and the teacher He provided in my life – Ray Justice.

Mary Howard, Licensed Real Estate Sales
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services


Ray’s coaching and business perspectives are new, different, enlightening and refreshing and have been a major part of my success. His book is incredible. I’m enjoying it immensely. It is the best poetry book I’ve ever read, and I say that because it felt like the poems were written to me. And I didn’t even have someone reading them out loud to me! The feeling of intimacy is incredible! Your energy, your ideas, your sincerity. You make others feel like anything is possible. People like to be around you.

Laurie Sudbrink
Unlimited Coaching
Speaker, Trainer & Author of “Leading with GRIT”


Ray makes the “Most Interesting Man in the World” look jealous.

Dennis Wurster
Associate Director of Computing
Eastman School of Music


Every week Ray offered me a new thought or idea that did wonders for my spirit and attitude. He has a way of believing in people that help them believe in themselves. I applaud his coaching skills.

Maureen Corral, MSED
Rochester City School District and cancer survior


Thank you for all your insights and feedback.  What I admire about you most is your steady, calming, consistent approach to life. The wisdom and stories you share are so helpful and I feel like a better person after speaking with you.

Craig Houck, Financial Advisor
Fairport, NY


I have had many opportunities to spend time with Ray as a coaching client and a participant in group workshops. On every occasion I have walked away with valuable information that is useful not only in the workplace, but in my personal life as well. Ray seems to be able to blend together all areas of one’s life, creating a synergy and peacefulness within. This may not make sense to many people if they haven’t been to one of Ray’s workshops; but it’s more about the “feeling” I walk away with. The learning is always there; but it’s the feeling within that helps me to unconsciously apply all that I’ve learned. One of the most valuable assets in my life is time spent listening or conversing with this phenomenal teacher. This man has had a tremendous impact on my life.

Jeanne Apeland,
Coach at Richard Robbins


Raymond Justice is a gentle beautiful Soul. He reaches into our hearts and Souls and reminds us that there is great power and strength in softness and fearlessly models what vulnerable raw masculine power and tenderness looks like and feels like. Raymond truly embodies all of the qualities of a great healer… and leader.

Amy B. Martin
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner


His poetry deeply touches the heart and soul. Universal and intimate, each time I read it, something different is touched in me. Share it with someone you love.

Beth D. Danehy, MA, MS MFT, CEA
Director University of Rochester Medicine Employee Assistance Program


Ray is the kind of coach that pays attention to what is important to you and what limits you unintentionally set on yourself. He asks very pointed questions that get you thinking about things in a way that you have never before. He opens your mind (& eyes) to new possibilities and opportunities that you never thought of (or could have on your own. Ray was instrumental to my business start up and success. I don’t know if I would be as successful without his coaching and support. Even an hour with Ray can make a huge difference in your thinking!

Pam Kramer, Owner
Urban Essentialz


Ray assisted me during our coaching sessions by raising my self-awareness of the tools and strengths I have within, allowing me to maximize my full potential in both my professional and personal life. Ray is a great listener and very easy to open-up to. I found the entire coaching experience worthwhile and valuable.

Karen M. Leonardi
Senior Vice President, Western District (NY)
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services


I’m so excited about your poetry, and I’m sharing your work with friends. Ray Justice is a fabulous coach and he has guided me through the process of starting and building a new business, using non-traditional methods. Ray, you’re a sensitive, articulate, creative genius.

Sandy Baker,
New Perspectives/New Solutions 


Dear Ray:

I will not be as elegant or poetic as I’d like…but I don’t know that it is necessary to be such to express just how appreciative I am with how you “saved” this year.

I do regret that you saw some “rawness” that actually seemed to permeate this time period. I am most grateful that you were able to find the diamonds in the rough. I think we would make amazing partners in a daily program!! I need a partner with your enthusiasm and belief system…matching mine…our energy just jelled.

Thank you for being instrumental in bringing it all forward. These words are not sufficient for all you offered. Thank you from my heart.

Linda Ann Ventura
Real Estate Agent/Broker
John R. Wood Properties


Ray is insightful, spirited and alive.  An artist at transforming life.

Mary L. Beetz, PHD
Former Center for Holistic Healing


Ray, your writings are simply beautiful! Not bad for a business guy! Some really leave the reader thinking & reflecting and even shedding a tear. Good for you, connecting your heart and business.

Neil Cavuto
Senior Vice President & Anchor
Fox Business News


I have known Ray for twenty years and this friendship has been invaluable to me as I have moved through my various careers. I recently had the opportunity to invite Ray to address my entrepreneurship class at the University. Ray immediately connected with the students. He provided them with insightful business advice. But, more importantly, talked in depth about those intangible skills, talents and personal characteristics necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. Ray has a holistic approachto life’s challenges that one does not normally find in business books.

Bob Tobin
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester


I wonder how many people, for whom you have left footprints, and their lives are never the same. Thank you for the many ways you give, inspire and elevate.

Lisa DiFusco, President,
Light Heart Institute, Rochester New York


Hi Ray, I just wanted to say thanks for the great day we had at Clifton Springs this morning! It was very powerful and most engaging. I wanted you to know you made a significant difference in my day and I think I can speak for others that the impact in their day was huge! Thanks for your honesty and your stories! I will not forget my morning probably forever and the tools you left with us with were great!

Again, thanks so much.

Donna P. Smith, MS, RN
Former Vice President, Patient Care Services/CNO


Ray’s focus on personal life change has been a valuable piece for my management team. He provides insight on areas of personal and professional leadership, that you will not receive from any other leadership provider. Lifelong leadership facilitation begins with Ray.

John R. Piper
Consultant & Former Director
Greater Rochester Realtor Association


Few things in life are as inevitable or as emotionally charged as change. Ray Justice has a manner of teaching that brings an ease and reassurance to those facing change. He gently coaxes his students to see a new perspective on change, which makes all the difference. And he does this with kindness and humor and with a passion that is contagious.

John M. Ventura, DC
Rochester Chiropractic Group, LLP
Clinical Instructor, Family Medicine, University Of Rochester School Of Medicine


I don’t just HIGHLY recommend, I feel his poetry is a must for any true spiritual seeker. Ray’s poems are the closest thing we have, in our time, to Rumi’s poetry. That is a big statement, but to me, the truth. This is a must for any spiritual seeker

Michele Blood
Singer/Entertainer, Entrepreneur


I wanted to let you know how very meaningful and helpful your presentation was.

I have thousands of years of leadership experience and feel that I have generally been effective UNTIL the group I am dealing with now! I used so much from that session to articulate the reason for and necessity of change for all of us. I framed it all in the context of “changing the focus” which turned out to be VERY positive. I read them your “Ready” poem which I think a few found a bit hokey but an equal number have asked me for copies.

So, from my emotional heart*, I want to send a big thank you for giving me new ideas and new direction! How refreshing it is to continually learn.

Thank you for allowing me to tell people how helpful you were only after 4 hours!

*which is now something I think is a positive attribute instead of a negative one!

Sue Pettis
Former Director, Performance Improvement,
Clifton Spring Hospital


The workshop you presented to the library staff last week was one of the most useful programs the library has experienced in many years, The spontaneous ovation you received from the staff at the conclusion of the program is a testimony to both your message and your commitment to its delivery. You exceeded my expectations.

Bernadette Foster, Former Director


After Ray spoke to our staff during a retreat, many co-workers came up to me and said, was Ray talking just to me? It was like he knew me and what I needed.  Here are some other comments I have heard:

“I have used his techniques for being here in the moment instead of worrying about the future.”
“Being in the present and now, helped me fall back to sleep last night after my child woke me up.”
“I am already using many of Ray’s ideas to help me cope and concentrate on the here and now.”

Since I was the one who recommended having Ray be our Keynote, it helped me realize my insight to what some of my co-workers needed,they needed RAY…..  Thanks for all you do in our community Ray, it is a blessing knowing you.

Colleen Brown, Former Public Education Coordinator
The Advocacy Center


Ray, without a doubt, is someone who always looks for more and encourages your best. He has a fresh, loving, fair and non-judgmental approach. He is a master at bringing people together and helping them become the best that they can be, usually in a very creative way. His ideas are divinely inspired – where else could they be from.

Joyce Stanzel
Rochester, New York


I really enjoyed your talk the other day. I think it would be very beneficial to have you come and speak to the dietary department. I just wanted to make sure I let you know that your words were extremely inspiring, empowering, and meaningful for me, personally and professionally. Thanks.

Kathleen Damore
former Chief RD Clifton Springs Hospital


Ray is a calming force and ads a level of wisdom to our team. He walks the talk in terms of being a mind, body and spirit advocate and helps our team form a positive energy that we can ride the rough times and the good times

Jerry Deluccio
CEO, Enhanced Care MD


Ray has the uncanny ability to connect with people from all walks of life. In a span of an hour he can refocus you on what is important in your life or career. Ray not only shares his tools for success, but more important, he inspires confidence and hope that you take with you days, weeks, and months after you hear him speak. If you get the opportunity, don’t miss him! It will make all the difference on how you view your career.

James M. Teal
Former Director of M. S. Ed Everest Institute East Campus
(formerly RBI)


– “I can’t remember ever listening to a speaker and really, really paying attention the entire time. He kept it very interesting, the stories made it all seem more real.   One of the best workshops I have ever attended.”

– “I really enjoyed the program and liked the stories which helped to relate to the principles he was teaching. I would love to have him come back and to continue to improve with some of the exercises. It was a different and unique.”

– “Ray Justice had a positive, funny, & involving talk yesterday. I would like to hear from him again. I liked meditating and his thoughts on the busyness of the lives we live.”

Participants of a Presentation at the Greece Public Library