Ponder Moments

Introducing my new project . . . and Yes, it’s Free

A Course in “Ponder Moments”

Ray Justice

How am I different, most unique?
Who or What helps me capture the Wonder of it all?
Where and When do I feel the most Free?
Where, When & How do I feel the most Creative?

Ponder Moments . . . seconds to Read & Ponder but Forever, to give you a Sense and Awareness, of who you are!


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Ponder Moments mission is to teach Curiosity and Wonder. To think about things with a slightly different approach and often with an added new awareness.

A longer term goal is to stir imagination, creative thinking and new found intuition leading to new possibilities.

This is an early phase of what I have experienced and learned with 50 + years as a Business Entrepreneur and student of Personal Development. Learn more about Ray and Testimonials

Curiosity; a strong desire to know or learn something. Hmmm!
Ponder; To think about something carefully before coming to a conclusion
Moment; short period of time, a little while (here we are also thinking a Meaningful Moment)

They are interesting and instructional, but if not, you can easily cancel at any time.

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This course is free and please pass on this link to ThoughtCompass.com to anyone that would be interested.

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