About ThoughtCompass

Thought Compass points the way and leads us back when we get off course

Thought – the beginning of creativity
Compass – the direction we want to go with our Intention.

Thought Compass is a web site following the Ideas & Insights of Entrepreneur, Poet, Raymond Justice.

Online Courses are currently being developed with the focus of teaching the art of self–coaching and personal development. In other words what you can do yourself while dealing with current life situations.

Understand yourself, have more energy, be more confident and prepared when making decisions.

According to Wikipedia, Socrates said that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves.

In other words, “Know Thyself”.

Themes in Development
Online Courses:

  • Self–Coaching
  • Practical Intuition
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Present Moment Awareness
  • Breathing, Meditations, Creative Visualization
  • And More . . .

Available Now:

Free Resources in our Library:

  • Document Locator (PDF) – Where are your important papers, if something happens to you?
  • Medical Emergency List – Be Prepared
  • Disaster Plan – Be Prepared
  • Easy to follow Business Plan sample for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Video intro to Tapping by Sandy Evenson
  • Video on relief from anxiety by Sandy Evenson
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Ray Justice

Inspiring Writer, Poet, Entrepreneur who creates products and services to stir curiosity, creativity, intuition, intimacy and personal insights.

  • Located in Rochester New York and a Business Entrepreneur for over 50 years.
  • A content creator designing online Self–Coaching courses for personal
    awareness and entrepreneurship.
  • Guiding words are Curiosity, Intention, Intimacy, Change, Creativity, Diversity, Connection and Possibility.
  • All work together and are focused on calming our chattering minds by
    opening and tapping into our natural Intuition.

A Few Beliefs:

  1. All Relationships are top priority, including your own to yourself.
  2. Everyone should have their own business, even if small & part–time.
  3. Enhancing your self-esteem, confidence and overall health are
    needed to build a strong foundation in preparation for future.
    magical experiences.
  4. Diversity, curiosity, connection, intuition and creativity, mixed with
    mindfulness and writing, will answer many problems and create
    new possibilities. In fact, we can create fascinating possibilities.

More on what I am about and doing later as courses come together.
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Peaceful Thoughts
& Happy Now’s