Hubble Space Photos

This small display of randomly selected Hubble Images shows us the beauty of the universe as well as the accomplishments of mankind.

Here at Thought Compass, we are attracted to the brilliance, the energy, the awe and wonder of the stars that surround our planet, ...our lives.

We also love the mystery that lies beyond what we have the wisdom to witness and experience. As with the stars of our universe, there is beauty, energy and mystery surrounding us. We need only to develop the right tools to discover what waits for us beyond our immediate limitations.

Being under
the night sky
with the stars...

Is that like
making love?

What passes
between us
you, me
the heavens?

which is which?
by Ray Justice

The Hubble's Name

NASA named the world's first space-based optical telescope after American astronomer Edwin P. Hubble (1889—1953). Dr. Hubble confirmed an "expanding" universe, which provided the foundation for the Big Bang theory

Launched April 24, 1990 from space shuttle Discovery (STS-31)

Length: 43.5 ft (13.2 m)
Weight: 24,500 lb (11,110 kg)
Maximum Diameter: 14 ft (4.2 m)

Cost at Launch:
$1.5 billion

Power Needs:
Energy Source: The Sun
Mechanism: Two 25-foot solar panels
Power usage: 2,800 watts

I want to know more about the Hubble Space Telescope!

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