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Ray Justice, is a creator and gifted thought leader.  He belongs to that rare class of individuals who are open minded and open hearted.  His passion for helping people and living life as an intimate moment has inspired within him an insatiable curiosity for understanding human nature.  Focused on connecting the art of humanity to the personal challenges faced in life, he works as a guide to bring people through the process of self awareness for a truer, richer life filled with new and satisfying possibilities.

Ray has but one mission here: to offer fun and creative guidance into the unknown, your unknown self.

Old Wisdom...New Possibility

- Chris Kolankiewicz
Program Coordinator/SCSEP

Ray Justice: Full Bio

Ray Justice began his entrepreneurial career when he opened one of the first totally automatic car washes on the East Coast, Buckman’s Car Wash, in Rochester, NY.  Ray’s entrepreneurial spirit was evidenced over the years as he seized opportunities to expand his business by focusing on the needs of his customers.  His visionary outlook, creative ideas, strong interpersonal skills, and business acumen contributed to his success as an owner and operator of several car wash locations and other businesses: a coin-op laundry, dry cleaner, equipment sales and service company, a construction company, an educational toy store, a not-for-profit, bird-of-prey educational company, a marketing company, property development and others. 
As an innovator, Ray walked the continuous improvement path, becoming one of the first to install equipment to wash vans and trucks in the mid ‘70s.  And in the early ‘80s he led the industry’s move to brushless car washes by using soft cloth. Later in the decade he created a “no questions asked,” 24-hour clean-car guarantee that is now offered nationwide by many car washes. Most of his property development projects are handled by Justice Enterprises, LLC.
In 2004 Ray entered the world of e-business as an owner of The Brand Builder Company a software company that offered website development along with business branding and coaching. In 2005, he published “Whispers of Intimacy”, a collection of spiritual poetry about intimate connection. 
Also in 2004 he developed a website, DiscoveryQuestions.com, based on his personal and business coaching philosophies. It is designed to help people tap their creativity as they solve problems and make decisions in their personal and business lives.

His next ventures are in linking the worlds of social media, mentoring, self education, poetry and information marketing (all with a flavor of spirituality). This has been brought together with health related websites based on teaching personal awareness and self coaching. The first one, a private membership site for clients and patients of Enhanced Care MD, is ecPathways.com.   It will soon be followed by ThoughtCompass.com, including the “3amCoach and will be more focused on Careers, relationships and Personal Development

Ray is known as the “Change Master” because of his unique, out-of-the-box methods to problem solving and his upbeat attitude of possibility thinking.

He was named the Chamber of Commerce “Business Person of the Year,” and in 1998, received the Sam Walton Business Leadership award.

Ray Justice

"Learn to write poetry about love, romance and beauty, 

then it becomes alive and life becomes your poetry" 

                   – ray justice 1/2/06

Ray's commercial for Rochester Hearing and Speech Center

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